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General Election 2016

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Election date: Spring 2016

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How does it work?

Choosing who to vote for can be confusing to say the least.

We’ve asked each candidate in your constituency to answer thirty questions.

Take the test yourself and we’ll compare the results to find your ideal candidate.

Confused about the Irish General Election? So are thousands of others.
Take the test to find a candidate who shares your values.

"I probably would have based my selection on mug shot appeal if not for using Smartvote. It really helped cut through all the campaign nonsense."

"After doing the survey I realised I had more in common with one party candidate than the other, so I revised my no 1 and 2 choices!"

"It was a good tool to let the voter see that you can’t have it every way. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, and Smartvote helped me make those decisions."

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